Lenny Interviews Lenny

Today Lenny interviews drummer Aaron Graham. Of Lenny.

LENNY: Hi Aaron, thanks for dropping by.


LENNY: Who is the Fox and why is she on the run?

AARON: I like Funyons with ketchup.

LENNY: Is there life after death?

AARON: Not in this economy.

LENNY: What is your favorite emoji?

AARON: .........

LENNY: That’s not an emoji.

AARON: But it’s my favorite.

LENNY: Those are tulips.

AARON: Tulips are nice.

LENNY: That’s a stock Windows background

AARON: How would you know?

LENNY: I have…Windows?

AARON: Huh. (Thoughtful judgmental silence)

LENNY: Read any good books lately?

AARON: I hate that question.

LENNY: That’s why we asked it.

AARON: Yeah, I read What the Hell, Lenny? By Aaron. That’s me. I just wrote it.

LENNY: Hey that sounds cool. Can you lend it over when you’re finished?

AARON: I just did.

LENNY: Thanks. It was great.

AARON: :/ 

LENNY: Hey! That’s an emoji!

AARON: No, that’s my actual face.

LENNY: You are such a hipster, you have an emoji face.

AARON: Here is a hipster emoji: :{>

LENNY: And here it is all grown out: :{>>>

AARON: Like Billy Gibbons?

LENNY: Is he your favorite guitar player?

AARON: You’ll never know.

LENNY: Is that a rhetorical question?

AARON: That wasn’t a question.

LENNY: That’s totally cool. No judgment, man.

AARON: (Long judgmental silence)

LENNY: So what are your plans for Lenny?

AARON: A shovel. Some duct tape. And a six pack of Red Bull.

LENNY: They don’t come in six packs.

AARON: That’s why I save those plastic ring thingys.

LENNY: (Googling) Those are called….plastic ring thingys

AARON: or yokes.

LENNY: In Australia.

AARON: Uh. Sure.

LENNY: So you are working on the new Lenny record?

AARON: I wouldn’t call it ‘working’.

LENNY: What’s it like?

AARON: Working?

LENNY: ...

AARON: (Thoughtful judgmental silence

LENNY: (Thoughtful judgmental silence

AARON: It’s awesome. People are going to freaking love it. 

LENNY: And now the floor is lava.